Magazine Sigma Comic — June 2007 Vol.8

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Release Year: 2007

Genre: Uniform, Big Tits, Group
Language: Japanese
Number of Pages: 284
Format: JPG

Description: In June 2007, we saw another comic with wonderful stories and illustrations to them. Download and enjoy!

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Mile High 3D HD Slideshow

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15 Minutes later she arrived at the Airport, and boarded the plane immediately. Once on board she realized there was no one else on the plane. In a way, she was quite happy with the fact, that she was the only one. After all, she was dressed poorly, and was not really in the mood for cheap advances. She walked all the way to the front of the cabin, and took a window seat.
While the plane was taxiing to the runway, she was thinking what her agent said about leaving everything behind to catch this plane. It must be a very important photo shoot, which was paying more than she ever made before. She felt good about the shoot, but at the same time she was really looking forward to having sex with Selina and the group on the island. But who knows, what this shoot would have in store for her.

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Cabin Fever 3D HD Slideshow

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After the men were finished with Nancy, they left the apartment in a hurry. Nancy was exhausted after the intense foursome. The sticky dried up juices between her legs, and the large stain on the couch, was a clear sign, that she was not the only one that came hard during the session. Roger and the two fugitives also came numerous times while fucking her. Her inner thighs were very sore and she could still feel the pain up her ass from the large black cock that went up her ass. She got up from the couch, and sat there for a while, thinking about Sharon and her boyfriend.

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Curse of The Impaler 3D HD Slideshow

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Valeria’s dream had made a turn for the worst. First she was lead in to some ruins deep inside the woods behind her house, to meet with the 3 erected servants, and now she is tight up on the same stairs she climbed to get to the ruins. Only now she is surrounded by trees and is hanging under the shield of count “Vladimir Tepes” (Vlad the Impaler), better know as “Dracule”. She tries to free herself, but it seems the more she tries, the tighter the chains get around her wrists.

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Tihanna Loves Orcs 3D

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The third and final of Zzomps' epic series is here! And you can still get it for free!
After taking on two hung orcs, Tihanna faces her biggest challenge yet as a new orc arrives with a cock that dwarves the competition. Will Tihanna be able to satisfy this monster of a cock or will it be too much for her to handle? Check out TIhanna Loves Orcs Part 3 to see what happens!

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